Learn English for a specific purpose, presentations, interviews and 'customer facing roles'


With almost 2 billion people speaking English globally, it is the worlds most common language.
Being able to speak English can provide great opportunities to work in many countries around the world. English is used for communication in IT, education, science, business and entertainment industries. In fact, many global companies and organizations have an expectation and need for their employees to speak English while countries in Asia, Africa and Europe regards English as the official secondary language.
What is English for Specific Purposes?
ESP focuses on developing a students communication skills in any given industry sector. It focuses on mastering skills relevant to professional needs and therefore improve performance and opportunities.
To progress in your chosen career, an understanding of English is vital for success. Whilst some may just want to improve their English within the context of their industry, it may also be a compulsory  factor to ensure proficiency so an employee can fulfil their duties. Others may see learning English simply as an investment. Mastering the command of the English language can certainly lead to a more responsible job within your chosen industry and broaden your prospects too. And it's here Bridge Training can help in matching our training modules meet to your specific goals.

With one to one lessons, the classes are directed by the students and their needs.
These classes can involve preparing a learner for a specific project. Preparing presentations, attending meetings, emails or reports. The focus here is on the learners needs so, the student is central in what we do.
By filling out the needs analysis form helps us establish what your needs are so that we can best help you achieve your learning goals. We can then assess what it is you are looking for as a learner and by working together we can create your path to learning. If you have any questions I'd be delighted to here from you, phone  061 290 457 or email: info@bridgetrainingservices.ie
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