IOSH Vision Zero Training

Back in 2017. the International Social Security Association (ISSA) launched its first-ever global campaign to improve safety, health, and wellbeing at work. The aim of the campaign is to engage companies worldwide to systematically cut down on occupational accidents and diseases by investing in a healthy and motivated workforce.

Accidents at work and occupational diseases are neither determined by fate nor unavoidable – they ALWAYS have a cause.

By building a strong prevention culture, these work-related accidents, harm, and occupational diseases can also be eliminated.

VISION ZERO is a transformational approach to prevention. It integrates all three dimensions of safety, health, and wellbeing at all levels of work. This does not set targets. This is something for each organisation to do as each situation is different.

As the road to VISION ZERO is a process it is flexible to the specific needs and priorities of each workplace, enterprise, or industry in all regions around the globe.

VISION ZERO is founded on 4 principles and 7 Golden Rules:


  • Life is not negotiable

  • People make mistakes

  • Ability to cope with pressure is crucial

  • Situational prevention comes first

Golden Rules

  • Take Leadership

  • Identify Hazards

  • Define Targets

  • Ensure a safe & healthy system

  • Ensure safety & health in machines, equipment & workplaces

  • Improve qualifications

  • Invest in people

At the end of the VISION ZERO course, learners will complete a personal action plan linked to each of the 7 Golden Rules.

The key to implementing and maintaining a VISION ZERO strategy is to gain the commitment of everyone in the organisation right from the very top.

Crucially for VISION ZERO to work, it is vital that leaders are role models. Leaders must be committed and responsible. Leaders must be consistent in demonstrating the importance of safety and health at work.

Ultimately, the more that people are invested in the process, the more they will engage with it. Moreover, if others have information that you don’t.

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