IOSH Vision Zero

Coming in February 2022.


Bridge Training Services is pleased to announce that we will be delivering an exciting new programme for our clients.

Vision of a safer, healthier, better workplace can be made real, thanks to global partnership.

As a Covid-captured world seeks a safer, better life, a global movement that believes all accidents, diseases, and harm at work are preventable is announcing an exciting training package to make workplaces safer and healthier.

Vision Zero is a transformational approach to prevention that integrates the three dimensions of safety, health, and well-being at all levels of work. Launched in September 2017 by the International Social Security Association (ISSA), the programme quickly gathered support from governments and businesses around the world. This programme was originally launched in 2017 by the International Social Security Association (ISSA). This programme has quickly gathered support from governments and businesses around the world.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a longstanding member of the ISSA, on its Special Commission for Prevention and chair of its Education and Training Section, and IOSH has supported Vision Zero as it evolved. Now, the two organisations have co-developed the Vision Zero training package, which IOSH training providers will deliver. Bridge Training Services are delighted to become an accredited trainer with such a prestigious organisation as safety and well-being in the workplace have always been at the forefront of its training delivery.

Everyone has been through challenging times and we are coming through a pivotal period in history. We must accept that the world is going through a rapid transformation and we all have a crucial role to play to create a healthier, safer workplace for all. Adding value to your training will enhance your training and deliver a quality of life to all and boost occupational safety and health in your business.

So, why train at all? Vision Zero offers businesses a chance to be part of an international drive to prevent people from being killed, injured or becoming unwell as a result of their work. This programme is to deliver training to those committed to embedding a vision of zero harm in their organisations.

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HSA Strategy Statement 2022–2024

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has published its Strategy Statement 2022–2024 and its Programme of Work 2022.

The Strategy Statement highlights key goals in tackling current and emerging challenges and opportunities in Ireland’s workplaces including the introduction of remote/hybrid working, advancements in technology and the green economy, the “gig economy”, and the particular needs of vulnerable workers and migrant groups.

Through the increased funding provided by Government the Authority is establishing a new division to give further emphasis on occupational health hazards and risks, including those associated with psychosocial and ergonomic risks, and exposure to chemical and biological agents.

Launching the new HSA Strategy Statement, Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English TD, stated:

“This new strategy clearly sets out the HSA’s priorities and goals whilst taking into account the ongoing challenges that workers and organisations, including the Authority, will face over the next three years. These include emerging from the COVID-19 public health pandemic, dealing with the continued fallout from the UK exit from the EU and addressing new ways of working.”

Programme of Work 2022
The HSA has also published its latest Programme of Work which outlines its key priorities and areas of focus for 2022, which include:

  • high-risk sectors and hazards which cause fatalities, incidents, injuries and ill health, such as falling from heights and the hazards of working with machinery,

  • occupational health hazards, in particular those associated with psychosocial and ergonomic risks, and

  • exposure to chemical and biological agents.

Looking forward there are also new challenges, including the impact of the pandemic in accelerating the move to remote/hybrid working and the continued growth of the ‘gig economy’ in Ireland. The strategy also highlights the particular needs of vulnerable workers and migrant groups.

Speaking at the launch of both publications, Dr. Sharon McGuinness, Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority, said:

“Throughout the implementation of our new Strategy Statement and our annual Programmes of Work, the Authority will be setting out to achieve tangible outcomes in occupational safety and health (OSH), accreditation, chemicals, and market surveillance. The key to a successful and productive economy and workforce is a commitment to safer and healthier working lives for all.”

The HSA Strategy Statement 2022–2024 was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders and through public consultation. It was developed with the present and future conditions of workplaces and the needs of enterprises across Ireland in mind.

Tom Coughlan, Chairperson of the Health and Safety Authority, stated:

“Setting out the goals and key objectives of this Strategy Statement highlights the importance of partnership and collaboration and how it continues to be at the forefront of how we promote compliance. As a tripartite Board, with representatives from employee and employer stakeholders as members, we recognise the importance of constructive and co-operative engagement in meeting the goal of safe and healthy workplaces for all and we encourage employers and employees to continue to engage and work with the Authority in achieving this.”

To download or read in full please visit The HSA’s Strategy Statement 2022 – 2024 and Programme of Work 2022

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